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A messaage from ArtAcevedo Chief ofPolice
Wednesday, December 14, 2016

It is with a heavy heart that I write to inform you that retired EAC Kirk Munden quietly passed away last night. Kirk was surrounded by his loving family and close friends when he was called home.

Those of us that knew Kirk knew him as a great cop, leader, husband, father and friend.Sadly, he was taken from us way too soon and will be truly missed. Recently, Kirk personally gave me the greatest gift by agreeing to come back to Houston PD and serve as Chief of Staff for 24 months to help with our transition. That's the kind of man he was, he cared deeply for HPD and the people of Houston so much that he was willing to come back and serve again.

Although I and all of you will miss Kirk, his passing has strengthened my resolve to do my best to serve you and the people of Houston in a manner worthy of Kirk's approval.

I urge everyone to keep Kirk, his family, friends and colleagues in your thoughts and prayers. I also urge you all to continue to serve in a manner that honors Kirk and our long history of excellence. Lastly, his passing is a reminder of how delicate and fleeting life is, so please take a moment to love and appreciate the many blessings life brings us.

Our Family Assistance Unit will be coordinating memorial services with the Munden family with details to follow.

As always, be safe and do not hesitate to call me if I can be of service.

With Heavy Heart,

Chief ofPolice
HoustonPolice Department
Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Enrolling merchants in our "Criminal Surveillance Apprehension System".  When there is a Robbery, with one of our clients, we edit and enhance their video of the crime.  We then publish, post and offer to local TV stations, Social Media, Neighborhood Watch, Crime Stoppers, and any other entities that we can post with.  We reiterate this information to the local Police Dept., that a $1,000. (minimum) Reward (Case Number included) is now being offered for information leading to the Arrest & Conviction of these criminals.  For more information, go to: Website:
Be Advised  this information has not been certified at this point by any know member.
Jack Wood,  888-921-6875  or Email:
Information is from vendor only

Message from Jim Davis
Monday, November 21, 2016
I have discovered a free call screening service that is transparent it is NOMOROBO and is recommended by consumer reports, I have had it for several months and it works great, it has a national data base of thousands of scam numbers and is up dated constantly, when your phone rings it also rings at the screening center your phone rings once and before it can ring a second time it has screened the call and if its a spam number in their data base your phone will not ring a second time, non spam numbers are not effected, You still need a  call blocker for local Joe the plumber cold calls but this takes care of the IRS scams, political calls, the credit card and other scams, my phone rings just once several times a day and I know it was a intercepted robocall. please check it out and tell fellow HPROA members finally some relief is available, works on most voip phones AT&t U-verse vonage and others, cell and hard wired protection available for a small fee.

Need more information
Sunday, October 9, 2016
Can someone take notes and provide those of us unable to attend the monthly meeting the information and responses to questions during the HPOPS presentation. This information could be posted on the website or sent to members via a mass emailing. This is such an important topic to all of us. Unfortunately, the only information those who cannot come to the meetings receive is the one or two sentences contained in the minutes of the meetings.
Thank you for your consideration of this request.

Donna Peck (Juvenille Division)
Tuesday, October 4, 2016
Hey Team,
I hope this finds you all standing tall and doing well.   I  have some sad news to deliver about an old friend of the SWAT Team and many of you.  Donna Peck who worked for many years over at the Juvenile Division is in a very bad way.  She contracted a virus that has attacked her heart and it looks like she will need a heart transplant.  The doctors are working through that process and she hopes to get one but for now she is in a hospital in South Carolina without much to do but wait.
If you remember her at HPD, she would love to hear from you.   Her number is  posted below and she can answer it most times.   She is in good spirits and a voice from the past would do her good.  
Please call if you can.
Donna Peck
Cell:  830-667-0713
Stay safe,
M. L. “Sandy” Wall
THE SAFARILAND GROUP l Director,  Training Group

Monday, September 19, 2016
Stella Steely Milam wrote a book, 'UNTIL TOMORROW" about her deceased husband, HPD's Ellis Eugene Milam.  This is a geneology book also about both of their families, including her remembrances of Ellis.   It is in the Clayton Geneology Library on Caroline in Houston.  Please consider placing this somewhere appropriate.

Message:Just a question about an HPD policy
Wednesday, September 7, 2016
Contact Preference:Email
Message:Just a question about an HPD policy that affects all retired officers, including HPROA members. Regardless of where retired officers now live, HPD requires them to appear at the Travis building for the sole purpose of taking a photo in order to renew their retired ID card. This is a change - in the past, I was able to email a photo. Now, they demand a personal appearance, with the statement "Our Photo/Identification card system does not allow us to upload outside photos" A copy of that response is available. Would it be possible for someone at HPROA to address the bad policy with HPD? Many thanks. Arnie Schulze 

Vernon H. Maness
Tuesday, July 12, 2016
Belinda Stone 
 Hi I'm trying to find the badge number for my grandmother's brother Vernon Houston Maness. He was a Houston police officer probably from 1950 until he retired. There is no one left from his generation that has this knowledge and he had no children that have this information. Please tell me if you know how I could find out his badge number. It is so important to me now that I'm an adult and I'm trying to put our family history together for my children and their children. Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you so very much, Belinda Stone 

Extra Job Extra Pay
Tuesday, July 12, 2016
From:Bettina Gensollen
Contact Preference:Email

Message:Retired Police Patrol Officer - Miami Consulting company is looking for a Houston police patrol officers to serve as consultants for market research project. Seeking officers with recent experience enforcing motor vehicle laws and testifying in court to present evidence and act as witnesses in traffic cases. There will be no litigation involved in the project, only research based. Compensation is $100 per hour Required education: • High school or equivalent Required experience: • Police Patrol Officer: 3 years 

"Old School Thoughts"
Monday, July 11, 2016
Curt Roark 
I retired last year after 36 years from class #86. During my tenure I served under several U.S. Presidents, from Carter in 1979, to our current president. 
I can't remember ever working the streets and not feeling I had the support for my profession from an active or past president until the current one. Up until the recent Dallas assassinations, the current president has shown more support for the Police haters than for the Police Officers, who by the way, are out in the street to serve, protect & die for the very people that are spewing Hatorade towards them.
I also believe the message that needs to be spoken more is that "any" person that has an encounter with a Police Officer should not run, fight or resist in any way. If an Officer is out of line, abusive or illegal, there are safe channels available in every department to complain on those Officers. If a person believes they can win a street encounter with an Officer by resisting, shouldn't be surprised to receive an unfortunate outcome. Maybe better slogans would be "Just Comply-You Won't Die" &
"All Lives Matter" 

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