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 Presidents Message
  Posted on: Monday, September 14, 2009
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Presidnet's Message
HPROA President Steve Rayne

The Houston Police Retired Officers Association is an organization that was started out of necessity.  The retired officers of HPD had no organization or organized effort to look out for their benefits or their well being, like their labor groups did when they were active officers. A dedicated and energetic group of "Retiree's" started the HPROA in 1994. Fifteen years later we are an organization of about fourteen hundred members and still growing.

It is now my honor and responsibility to start my term as the sixth President of the HPROA. The past presidents, board members, committee chairman, committee members, and  association members have done a great job making the HPROA the active and respected organization it is today.  I will, with the help of the board of directors and our member's, work to continue the success this organization has experienced. The HPROA is recognized by, and our input sought by many members of both houses of the state legislature and the Houston City Council. We now have a good working relationship with the HPOU and are exploring new ways to work together. Our newspaper "The Retired Badge" is our independent and retiree oriented publication. Our website continues to grow with articles, forms, announcements, and links that help and inform our members. The family assistance committee does a tremendous amount of work to help our sick members and the surviving spouses of our members. The membership, legislative, entertainment and political action committee round out our organizations areas of activity.             

The retired officers of the Houston Police Department need this organization to help protect their pension benefits, their medical benefits and to keep them informed about anything else that could effect  their retirement. If we do not look out for ourselves, no one else will.

I will do my best to look out for the well being of all our members. With God's help we will all have a long, comfortable and enjoyable retirement.

If I can ever help you or you have a question please feel free to contact me.   


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