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 Retiree Roundup
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Retiree Roundup
February 2018

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Bobbie/Caroline Foster:(2-9-18 nf) We visited with Bobbie by phone today and he reports that he and Caroline both have multiple health issues that keeps them mostly confined to their home with the exception of visits to their various doctors. Bobbie is able to drive to the Woodlands or Tomball to their physicians. He invites us all to lift up our prayers for he and Caroline.

Jim Hudson:(2-11-18 nf) Jim called to report that he had moved from the Vosswood Rehab Center to Health South Rehab Center at 13031 Wortham Center Dr, in the Hwy 290 and FM 1960 vicinity. Jim indicated that a supplemental insurance had kicked in and assisting for a few weeks more theraphy. He is improving daily and hoping to go home soon. Give him a call at 281-610-1236. Lift Jim up in your daily prayers.

Steve Hendricks:(2-11-18 nf) Steve fell at the rehab facility, recovering after kidney transplant, and broke one leg in two places and also the other leg along with some cracked ribs. He was transferred back to Methodist Transplant Unit because of the transplant drugs and all that goes with it. They cannot operate now due to the blood thinners he is on so they give him morphine for the pain and he is having bad reactions to the pain meds. He is now in Room 703 Dunn West. Steve needs our prayers often.UPDATE:(2-14-18 nf) Jean, sister of Hendricks, reports that Steve had been sleeping a lot and when awake he was somewhat confused. A decision was made to move ahead with the surgery. He went into surgery but it was cancelled when surgeons found that fracture blisters had formed along one or more of the fractures. This is an uncommon occurrence but does happen in some cases and can take up to two weeks to heal but must be treated before any surgery. Continue to lift up prayers for Steve.

Ron Wizinsky:(2-18-18 nf) Ron was admitted to the Conroe Regional Hospital today with an early diagnosis of  a stroke with some facial paralysis. Currently,, he is in the emergency room waiting for a patient room and could be transported to the Medical Center later. We will update but in the meantime we need to lift up our prayers for Ron.

Ray Valenta:(2-19-18 nf) We visited with Ray by phone this morning and he reported that over the weekend he went to Herman Hospital, Sugarland, and diagnosed with Bell Palsy that has effected his face and eye. He is wearing an eye patch and being treated with meds & will see his primary this afternoon. Keep Ray in your daily prayers.

Fred Eicholtz:(2-22-18 nf) Kainer reports that he assisted in getting Fred out of Rehab and back home yesterday. He states that Fred is able to walk with a walker at a slower pace but is actually recovering very well. Give praise and thanks to the Lord.

Forrest Turbeville:(2-24-18 nf) Forrest is scheduled to undergo eye surgery at Methodist Hospital, Medical Center, next Friday, March 2. In his first appointment with his surgeon on Thursday, Feb. 22, after examination, stated that it was imperative that a portion of the eye be removed asap to avoid eminent major complications with the eye.

Tony Vento:(2-28-18 nf) Nelson Zoch reports that Tony suffered a heart attack last evening and was admitted to St. Lukes hospital, Medical Center. Tony indicated that he had suffered some damage to his heart. Lift up  those prayers for Tony & medical staff. 

Doug Bostock:(2-28-18 nf) Doug was admitted to North Cypress Hospital, Huffmeister& Hwy 290, last night through the E,R. for loss of balance & direction and heaviness of legs. He will have a series of tests throughout the day to determine causes. Lift up your prayers for Doug and medical staff.


February 2018
Richard A. Blevins (Member), February 7, 2018

John Henry Cloyes (Member), February 19, 2018

Dean X. Ryan A (Member), February 26, 2018

Michael D. Wells, February 27, 2018

"May your faith be greater than your fear"
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