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 Retiree Roundup
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Retiree Roundup
December 2017

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 Retiree Roundup
December 2017 Report

 Willie Osborn  (Update12-9-17 rh) Barbara Cotten advised Willie is being moved to the Kindred Hospital, the Heights, at 1800 W 26th, after undergoing triple bypass surgery the last week of November.  He will be there for approximately 3 weeks. At this time he is unable to talk on the phone or have visitors. The family has asked for your continued prayers. (11-27-2017rh) Barbara Cotton advised that she was notified that HPROA member, Willie Osborn, had triple bypass surgery at Memorial Herman Greater Houston (Heights at Ella and 610). He is currently in Cardiovascular ICU and is not doing well.  Please keep Willie and his family in your prayers.

J. Wiley Douglass(12-9-17nf) We visited with J. Wiley by phone this evening and he reports that he is getting stronger as he has physical, occupational, and speech therapy each week at home. Jean reports that he is improving with each therapy session and hopefully they may get out to church tomorrow. Keep Wiley & Jean in your prayers.

Forrest Turbeville(12-10-17 nf) We visited with Forrest today and he reports that he developed an infection in his bad eye. A visit this week with the ophthalmologist brought some bad news. The infection at this point is in the rear of the eye with the danger of moving to the brain and it was his recommendation that the eye be removed.An appointment with a surgeon is the next step before any decision can be made. This is weighing heavy on Forrests' mind and he invites any and all prayers going forward.

Steve Authier(12-12-17 nf)Ray Smith reports that Steve is a patient at St. Lukes, Med Center in ICU on a ventilator and is on the list for a liver and heart transplant. Obviously, in critical condition, please lift up your prayers for Steve.

 Tom Bradshaw(12-12-17 nf) Tom' son Ansel called to report that Tom was transported by ambulance from Crockett and admitted to the hospital in Palestine, Tx yesterday suffering from afib, dehydration, low blood pressure and kidney issues. Staff was feeling more comfortable with Tom's condition this morning but he is still in serious condition. Continue to lift up your prayers for Tom.UPDATE:(12-15-17nf) Update Tom's son, Ansel, reports that Tom is better today but still in ICU but waiting to be moved to a private room. His numbers that need to go up are going up & those that need to go down are going down, but slowly. Tom is still not speaking well and is very weak. He is at Palestine Regional Med. Center and will be there probably 4-5 days and then to a rehab center in Crockett if he improves. Ansel will update periodically and invites the prayers of our members. UPDATE (12-26-17hp) His son, Ansel, reports that Tom was moved from the Palestine Hospital to the Winfield Health Care & Rehab Center, Room 309 in Crockett. He is better, but will need several weeks of physical therapy.His cell phone number is 1-936-433-2524. If you call him tell him who you are and talk loud. He is having trouble id everyone. Please lift up your prayers for Tom.

 David Massey(12-12-17 nf)  Retired Capt. David Massey was injured in an auto/pedestrian  accident this past weekend in Dallas. He suffered a broken ankle and is now at home recovering. Keep David in your daily prayers.UPDATE: (12-22-17 nf) Cindy reports that David's surgery last week on his broken ankle was successful however last he had to be admitted to Katy Herman Memorial for a blood clot, a torn meniscus, right leg and for further testing for trauma. He is grateful for all the well wishes and prayers. Continue to lift up those prayers for David.

 Phyllis Hensen(12-19-17 nf)  Daughter of Sue Shelburne continues to be in & out of M.D. Anderson for treatments. She is in DIRE need of whole blood and platelets. See the for locations and times of operation to donate or call 797-792-7777 for blood donor info. Your donation may save her life. Continue to lift up your prayers for Phyllis and her loved ones throughout the holiday season.

 Donald Saathoff (12-21-17 nf) We received information this evening that Don, who has been suffering with ALS, is very sick and will likely not make it through the night. Don retired as a range officer at the Pistol Range in 2014-2015.  Don did pass away that night.

 Bill White:(12-23-17 nf) Earl Jones reports this morning that Bill was scheduled to undergo a  lung transplant today at St. Lukes Hosp, Med Center. Lift up your prayers for Bill that surgery is successful.

 Jim Hudson (12-24-17rh) Jim underwent surgery last week and after 8 months they were finally able to replace his hip and repair his broken femur.  Since May they have been unable to do surgery due to infection.    Jim continues to be in severe pain and will have at least two months of rehab before he is able to stand. He has been moved to Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital, 2121 Business Center Dr., Pearland, 77584.  Jim loves to have visitors and receive phone calls from old friends.  His number is 281-610-1236. Please keep Jim and his wife Randi in your prayers.

David Zaharis:(12-28-17 nf) Visited with wife,Debbie by phone, who reports that David underwent surgery on 12-19-17 to remove a tumor from the brain. He is at St. Lukes Med Center Hosp. and likely be there until Jan 16, He has suffered loss of motion on his left side but improves each day with therapy. David can speak and is able to have visitors. Lift up your prayers for David that he may full and rapid recovery.

 A.B. Lewis/Debra Gryder:(12-29-17 db)  We went by Debbie Grider's house to see her dad A.B.(Lightning Lewis) retired HPROA Member. His daughter, Debra is the wife of Officer Gary Gryder, killed  in the line of duty in 2008 and she is also a retired officer  & member herself. We talked for sometime and Lightning is doing pretty darn good. He is in his 80's still has good memory and a good sense of humor. His grandson,Austin is attending Sam Houston Univ. and wants to enter the academy when he graduates. You can reach Lightning and Debbie at 713/628-6417 and lets keep this family of Honor in our prayers as they have more than stepped up to the plate for all of Houston & Texas.

 Joe Skipper:(12-29-17 db) Wealso heard from Joe D. Skipper today. He called inquiring about my health and weended up exchanging health and family information for about 20 minutes, and once again proved that a phone call as simple as it is turns out to be a really bright spot in the day for both ends of the phone call.  Joe has some health issues he is dealing with some may require surgery and with him in his 80's he & his wife would appreciate any prayers offered up. Lets offer them up for the Skippers. 



 Stephen W. Authier (Member), December 13, 2017

 Delvin Kendrick (Member), December 21, 2017

Donald E. Saathoff (Member), December 21, 2017

Mrs. Lois Inez Chancey, (Member), December 21, 2017

Bobby D. Hamaker, December 25, 2017

 Marjorie Nettles (wife of member Floyd Nettles), December 29, 2017

Paul K. McKeehan (Member), December 31, 2017


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