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 Retiree Roundup
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Retiree Roundup
September 2018

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Retiree Roundup
September 2018 

  Jim Hudson: (9-9-18 rh) Jim advised that he has been undergoing pool therapy and is gaining strength in his legs, but still is not completely mobile.  He is now able to walk to his front door using a walker.  He also is able to get into and out of a car and into and out of his wheelchair.  Jim attended and the September 13 meeting and thoroughly enjoyed seeing old friends and they also enjoyed seeing him.  God does answer prayers.

 Wayne Lundy:(9-11-18 nf) Roy Slay reports that he talked to Wayne this evening who stated that he was admitted to St. Luke's, Med Center, on Monday for tests. An MRI late today revealed a tumor near the brain and surgery will be performed later this evening or in the morning.  UPDATE: (9-26-18 rh) Wayne has undergone surgery and they were able to remove the majority of the tumor, but not all.  He is having other issues at this time and doctors are working to resolve those. When they are resolved Wayne will be moved to St. Lukes in the Woodlands where he will undergo chemo therapy and additional treatments.   Please keep Wayne and his family in your prayers.

 Amber Harmon:(9-13-18 nf) Deanie Boy reports that her daughter, Amber, will have to have a liver transplant & possibly kidneys also. They will have to go to the Baylor Transplant Center for exams and tests which is the beginning of a long process. Amber is currently taking medications to lessen the symptoms in an attempt to keep things under control until she can get on a list. Amber, Deanie and Jim need your continuing prayers now more than ever.

 Sue Turbeville: This past Sunday in a visit with Sue, she seemed to improve and there were discussions about her being released to go home or to rehab. However, last night, her breathing became labored and her blood & urine test revealed some kidney failure and fluid buildup. Later today, she was to undergo x-rays. UPDATE: (9-25-18 nf) Sue's health improved over the weekend and she was released from Willowbrook Methodist hospital on Monday and moved to Grace Care Center at Norhpointe, 11830 Northpoint, Tomball where she will receive physical therapy to regain upper body and leg strength. Continue to keep Sue in your prayers.

 Lisa Scholz: (9-23-18)   Anthony Kivela advised that his daughter Lisa has been diagnosed with cancer.  They are still doing test and determining her treatment options.  Please lift up prayers for Lisa and her family. 

 Pat McMenemy:(9-21-18 nf) Guy reports that Pat fell in their bathroom last Monday, taken to ER and admitted to hospital until Wednesday when she was moved to the Encompass Health Rehab Center, 13031 Wortham Center Dr.  She did have a fracture of the bone near her hip but no surgery was required. Please remember Pat in your prayers.

 Danny Furstenfeld:  ( 9-26-18 rh) Last month Danny advised us that he had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma (bone marrow cancer).  He received a stem cell transplant on 8-23, which was successful. He has been recovering at home and his prognosis still remains positive. Please keep Danny and his family in your prayers.

 William C. White:(9-26-18 nf) We visited with W.C. today by phone and he reported that he had a double lung transplant on 12-23-17. After a hospital stay, he was released and then went back into the hospital in late January. After a brief stay, he was released and has had relatively few issues since that time as most transplant patients do. He did attend a HPROA meeting 2 months ago but doctors appointments generally interfere with those and other plans. He does take a lot of medications but he is doing well and expects to be at our next meeting and appreciates all our prayers.



September 26, 2018

Beverly Williams, mother in law of member Mike Yates, 9-3-2018

Oscar Ferrell (Member), 9-17-2018

Walter R. Henson, 9-24-2018

 Evangelina G. Flores, mother of member Elvia Landa, 9-21-2018

Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad and a soul that never ever loses faith in God”

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