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TMPA Legal presents:

Peace Officer's Legal Defense Fund


TMPA has represented the interests of peace officers for 54 years and our legal protection is second to none in the country for comprehensive legal protection of public safety professionals.  Our Peace Officer's Legal Defense Fund provides: Comprehensive administrative coverage for all disciplinary actions, whether the result of course and scope action or not;

Complete criminal and civil protection, through trial, for any action taken against a member while acting within the course and scope of his/her duty;

Affirmative relief against wrongful job actions with trustee approval;

Legal assistance for local issues, i.e. pay referendums, collective bargaining;

Consultation prior to administrative or criminal action;

Guaranteed attorney response to critical incidents within two hours of notification (or we pay you $500);

Payment of all professional service fees including psychological; polygraph; private investigation, or other experts necessary to defend members, and;

Pursuit of any legal issue that is in the interest of law enforcement

Now our plan is available to Adopting Associations.  TMPA Legal has modified the Peace Officer's Legal Defense Fund plan to allow for organizations from other states to join the POLDF and pay for a benefit level that meets the need of the organization and its members.  The POLDF plan offers five benefit levels that meet the coverage and budget of any organization. 


A Participant whose Adopting Association has chosen Benefit Election V is entitled to the following services.

•  All legal fees and expenses incurred by a Plan Attorney in defending Participants with regard to any civil or criminal actions that arise from any act or omission of the Participant in a critical incident, including, but not limited to, the use of a firearm in defense of himself or others and authorized under applicable law.

•  Legal fees and expenses incurred by a Plan Attorney to respond to the scene of a critical incident involving a Participant.

•  Upon receipt of notification of a critical incident, the Plan Administrator will immediately notify a Plan Attorney, or an attorney of Participant’s choice, to respond to the scene and assist the Participant. Where a Plan Attorney resides within 50 aerial miles of the location of a critical incident, the Plan will pay the Participant $500 if a Plan Attorney does not arrive within two (2) hours of the Participant's notification to the Plan Administrator of a critical incident.

•  All necessary expert witness fees, professional service fees and hearing examiner fees required for the defense of a Participant, subject to prior written approval by the Plan Administrator, in covered civil, criminal, or disciplinary actions.

•  Legal fees and expenses to consult with a Plan Attorney prior to a civil or criminal action against a Participant when it is reasonably likely that Participant will face such action. Such legal fees and expenses are limited to 3.5 billable hours unless the Plan Administrator waives that limitation in writing.

TMPA Regions

TMPA Regional Attorneys

1 - Northern Region
3 - Southern Region
5 - Panhandle Region
2 - Eastern Region
4 - Western Region
6 - Central Region

Region 1

Bob Gorsky, Partner
Lyon, Gorsky, Basket, Haring
& Gilbert L.L.P

2501 Cedar Springs, Ste 750
Dallas, TX

John H. Barr
Burt Barr & Assoc.

304 S. Record
Dallas, TX

David Sloane
933 W. Weatherford #200
Fort Worth, TX

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Region 2

Mike Carnahan
440 Louisiana, Ste 1350
Houston, TX

Greg Cagle 
Cagle and McCumber
215 E. Galveston St.
League City, Texas 77573
(281) 332-7630 Tel
(281) 332-7877 Fax

Larry McDougal
1000 Austin
Richmond, TX

Paul Aman - TCOLEO Attorney
712 Westcott St.
Houston, TX

Paul Robbins
Chad Vier

PO Drawer 487
Lufkin, TX  75902

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Region 3

Charles Frigerio
Law Offices of Charles Frigerio

111 Soledad, Ste 840
San Antonio, TX

Cynthia L. Beverage
Jackson Walker

112 E. Pecan St., Ste 2100
San Antonio, TX

Frank Zabarte
Sanchez, Whittington, Janis and Zabarte

100 N Expressway 83
Brownsville, TX

Murry E. Malakoff
Laredo, Tx

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Region 4

Eduardo Miranda
Ray, McChristian & Jeans

El Paso, TX

Warren Heagy
415 North Jackson
Odessa, TX

Rick Dehoyes
PO Box 1588
San Angelo, TX

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Region 5

Robert Estrada
PO Box 2006
Wichita Falls, TX

William P. Lane
PO Box 6170
Lubbock, TX

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Region 6

John Cullar
Mills, Millar and Cullar, L.L.P.

801 Washington, Suite 217
Waco, TX

Robert Jablonski
The Jablonski Law Firm

PO Box 684766
Austin, TX

Tony Conners
Brim, Arnett & Robinette
2525 Wallingwood Dr. Bldg #14
Austin, TX

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