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 Retiree Roundup
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Retiree Roundup
November 2018

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 Retiree Roundup

Lisa Kennedy: (10-31-18rh) We visited with Chuck Kennedy regarding how his wife Lisa was doing after her treatments for cancer.  He said that she completed her chemo treatments back in August, is back to work, and doing great.  He wanted to thank everyone for their prayers and support.

 Floyd Daigle:(11-3-18 nf) Sue Gaines reports that Asst. Chief Daigles was diagnosed with cancer of the liver this week. He will meet with an oncologist next Thursday for treatment plan and we will update. Lift up your prayers for Chief Daigle and his oncology team. Update (11-14-2018 sg) is at home on hospice care.  His home number is 281-487-0681. Please keep Floyd and JoAnn in your prayers.  Deputy Chief was the last earned position, not an appointed one. Update: Chief Daigle passed away on November 21, 2018.

 Sue Turbeville:(11-4-18 nf) Sue was released from Willowbrook Methodist last Wednesday evening and she is now at home recovering. She continues to have weakness in the legs but is able to walk some with the aid of a walker. Continue to lift up your prayers for Sue and Forrest.


Mike Gann:(11-5-18 nf) Roy Slay reports that Gann underwent the heart procedures this morning and all went well and he was in recovery. Doctors will prescribe a blood thinner and send him home this evening. Continue to pray for Mike's full recovery.   (11-4-18 nf) Mike will undergo two heart procedures Monday Morning at Memorial Herman, Med Center. One procedure is to get his heart in the proper rhythm and also repair a valve. Both are risky procedure as he has a weak heart . Please pray for Mike, his surgeons and for a good outcome & recovery.

 Harold Krause:(11-4-18 nf) Nelson Zoch reports that Harold had severe bile duct blockages several weeks ago and has had 3 procedures recently to resolve the issue. Harold recently moved from Cypress to the Giddings area where he has had to deal with new doctors. Harold continues to have health issues and invites the prayers of our members and you can give him a call at 979-716-7401 to cheer him up.

 Patricia Buehler (11-7-18): We visited with George and he stated that his wife Patricia has been dealing with dementia for the last few years and her condition has worsened.  She has been in and out of the hospital and care centers, but she still recognizes their daughters and him.  He plans on bringing her home at the end of the month and caring for her there as long as he can.  He may be in need of a hospital bed, which the HPROA  can provide thanks to donations from other members and family.  Please keep Patricia, George, and their family in your prayers.

 Amber Harmon (11-7-18 rh): Deana Boy reported awesome news today regarding Amber. The transplant team is meeting this Friday to discuss her eligibility for the liver transplant list. Amber has been through multitude of test and doctor appointments over the past month to make it to this point. Please continue to pray for her. She is doing good and in good spirits!  Please keep the faith and continue sending up prayers.  Amber is the daughter of Deana and step daughter of James Boy and the daughter of Don Harmon.

 Jerry Novak:(11-8-18 nf) Nelson Zoch reports that Jerry is now at home in Chappell HIll recovering from a recent heart attack. Jerry was diagnosed with congestive heart failure, had two stents put in and is on a very restrictive diet. Keep Jerry in your daily prayers and give him a lift by calling him at 832-567-2861. 

Jan Rich (11-14-2018 sg) I saw on Facebook where Jan Rich fell Saturday on their front porch and broke her right hip and femur.  Update (11-26-18): Nelson Foehner reported that Jan is home, recuperating, and doing well considering her injury. 

Bob Davis (11-14-18 rh):  Ed Aldridge reported that he had visited with Bob and learned that over the weekend of November 3rd, while in Trinity, Texas he experienced extreme pain in his sciatic nerve and was unable to walk or even sit. He stated that this pain lasted for a week and he is only recently able to get around with the assistance of a walker. Bob had an MRI last night and just heard from his doctor that he has a protruding disk that is putting pressure on his nerve. He stated that he will be treated with medication for the immediate future, and will probably be referred to an orthopedic next week.  Bob is also caring for his mother in an assisted living facility in Tomball. Please keep Bob and his family in your prayers. 

Billy J. Todd:(11-17-18 nf) We visited with Billy today by phone. He reported that the was a patient at St. Luke's hospital had was diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis and a serious heart condition all of which is a near terminal condition. He stated that he was most proud of his 23 years with HPD and the friends that he made during those years. Remember Billy in your your prayers each day.  UPDATE: (11-23-18 nf) Billy was released from St. Lukes Hospital and is now recovering at home. His prognosis is not good but he would enjoy some of his old workmates to give him a call and talk about old times. Call him and lift him up at 832-355-4447 or 281-485-1543. 

Harold Krause:(11-19-18 nf) Harold conveyed to Nelson Zoch that he was diagnosed with carcinoma of the bile duct. Surgery or some procedure is scheduled in early December. Continue to lift up your prayers for Harold.


November 2018

William Wayne Lundy, member, November 6, 2018

Carmen G. Chavez, mother of, Henry Chavez, November 8, 2018

Clifford Simmons, member, November 14, 2018

Thomas H. Henning, member, November 17, 2018

Floyd W. Daigle, member, November 21, 2018

“Always pray to have eyes that see the best in people, a heart that forgives the worst, a mind that forgets the bad and a soul that never ever loses faith in God”


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