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James C. Doyal
June 27, 2015

Retired Police Officer James Calvin Doyal, 86, passed away on Saturday, June 27, 2015.  Officer Doyal joined the Houston Police Department Academy Class #20 on December 29, 1958.  He served for 21 years and retired on March 31, 1979. [More]

Leonard J. Faultry
Retired Police Officer

Retired Police Officer Leonard J. Faultry, 71, passed away on Tuesday, June 25, 2015.  He was a veteran of The United States Army. [More]

Board Meeting Minutes
June 11, 2015
JUNE 11, 2015

Call to Order:  President Steve Rayne called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance:  Max Lankford

Present:  Ashby, Barnard, Beale, Blair, Elkin, Gaines, Headley, Lankford, Rayne, St.John, Toth, Zoch
Absent:     Miller, Walschburger 

Sergeant at Arms:  Robert Crane 

Parliamentarian:  Matt Potell 

Determination of Quorum: A quorum was present.

Treasurer’s Report and Minutes of Previous Meeting: 
Motion by Lankford, 2nd by Ashby to approve minutes as printed.  Voice Vote.  Carried.

President - Steve Rayne:
Nominating Chairman Bob Shields reported only one candidate had signed up by the deadline for each of the open Board positions. [More]

Business Meeting Minutes
June 11, 2015
JUNE 11, 2015

Call to Order: President Steve Rayne called the meeting to order at 9:45 a.m.

Prayer and Pledge of Allegiance:  Chaplain Montgomery

Minutes of Previous Meeting:
Motion by Bill Elkin, 2nd by Doug Bostock to approve minutes as printed.  Voice Vote.  Motion Carried.

Mike Newsome – HPD Family Assistance
Mike introduced Officer Dave Solice as the newest member of HPD’s Family Assistance Office. [More]
  Retired Badge

Election News 2015

             HPROA Annual Elections

As set out in our By-laws, the President and half (1/2) of the Board of
Directors is elected every year. This year the Nonimating committee
reports the following regular members have indicated their desire to be 
elected to, or re-elected to the following positions:

President  Steve Rayne (i)    

Treasrer    Nelson Zoch (i)                                    

1st Vice- President   Matthew Potell  
Board Position # 2  Fred Walschburger (i)

Board Position # 4   Jim St. John (i)             

Board Position # 6  Al Blair (i)

(I) = Incumbent                                      

Again this year HPROA member Bob Schields was the Chairman of
the Nominating Committee. [More]

Family Assistance Updates
June 2015
Jack Miller:(6-29-15 nf) We visited with Jack this afternoon by phone and he reports that he was diagnosed with a malignant tumor on his kidney. His doctor feels that due to his diabetes and pacemaker and the fact that it is a slow growing type of cancer, they will not begin any type of treatment. They have set his next appointment for 6 months. Jack has confidence in his physician and will rely on his judgement concerning the treatment(s). Remember Jack in your daily prayers.

J. J. "Joe" Rose: (6-26-15 nf) As a matter of information, Joe is living up in the Livingston area soaking up retirement. He is 81 now and living alone and would like to hear from some of his old work mates, Cell 936-433-2524 Home 936-967-4636. Take time out to give him a call.

Willie Joe Kovar:(6-26-15 nf) We visited with Kovar today by phone. He reports that he has completed his treatments for his lung cancer which included 7 weeks of chemo and 33 days of radiation all of which has left him weak and exhausted. He had planned to attend the reunion on Saturday but he is just not able to make it but count on him being at the Fredricksburg reunion for sure. Continue your prayers for Willie Joe, he still has a ways to go and give him a call to cheer him up.

E.W. GodfreyUPDATE (6-25-15) Wife, Celia writes: Surgery went good. Tuesday was rough, slept most of the day but they said that was ok due to extensive surgery. His head looks good, all round now.  They put him in a regular room late Tuesday & are trying to get him moved to rehab floor to start intense rehab. They have only sat him on the side of the bed so far & he did good. Left arm & leg are moving some but they say should get better once they start rehab. Doctors are pleased. Still have a ways to go. Thanks for the prayers. [More]
Retiree Roundup
June 11, 2014
JUNE 11, 2015

"Chuck" Smith:(5-10-15 nf) We visited with Chuck on 5-9-15 and he reported that he is now on dialysis and has been for a couple of weeks. He is feeling much better and that was evident in our conversation. Doing the dialysis at home has made a big difference. [More]


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